Funny Electric Santa Hat


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HO HO HO ( ̄▽ ̄)/♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪

Get ready for a super fun and cute experience with the new Kawaii Electronic Santa Hat! 


Look at him moves! 🎅This awesome Santa Hat will set up the mood for an unforgivable Christmas! He goes back and forth while singing a cheerful Christmas song! Children love them and so do every one! (/ =ω=)/


🥰 Allergy-free and asthma friendly.
💖 Safe technology for safe homes!
💡  Creative design, kawaii looks!
🧸 Super soft and warm!
🧼 100% washable without risk.
🤝 Free risk purchase. All of our products are covered by our buyer protection policy.
😊 Exquisite workmanship, long service life. Made with love. 💗

Gift something cute and unique!

Our Miscellaneous collection is both kawaii and special, and make for the perfect gift for the ones looking for unusual yet funny stuff! 🥰🎁 Bring something new to the table and enjoy the WOW’s from your loved ones! Never misses! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Safety measures

As an electric device, make sure to not use it while the product is still wet.
Remove the electric mechanism before washing it.
The hat uses 3 AA batteries (not included). Take the required measures while dealing with batteries.
It’s advisable to not dismantle the electronic components.

Shipping times:

Shipping to the USA: 6-30 days
Shipping to the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand: 8-30 days
Shipping to Spain: 10-45 days
📄Please read our Shipping Policy for more info.


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Dimensions 18.0 × 23.0 × 4.0 cm