About us

KawaiiSale is an online retail store founded by two siblings (brother and sister) who are really passionate about anything cute (or as we like to say, Kawaii). As a result of having mixed ancestry we grew up in a very dynamic environment, from watching anime to listening to k-pop. Sharing the same interest certainly tighten our bond and is by far, one of the main things we enjoy doing together.

We both love collecting the most adorable things we came across. Suddenly we realize how difficult is to fine authentic kawaii items in this part of the globe. As we started to craft our own kawaii things in a RolyPoly style (thanks to ohirun-sama for that (o´ω`o)) the demand was always rising.

That’s why we decided to move on to a next level, by opening an online store we could reach anyone in the world! That idea really struck with our head for years until we finally decided to open KawiiSale.

It wasn’t easy, as young entrepreneurs we faced many challenges but none of them would stop us. Especially when having such cute friends around us all the time (´ω`)

With that in mind, we wanted to SHARE THAT SAME JOY TO EVERYONE. We work really hard to carefully select the best kawaii items that we truly love. Many manufacturers in Japan, China and Korea work with us to bring you the most kawaii products at the lowest prices. We also excel with our delivering times and quality of our items! and if that is not enough, we also provide FREE SHIPPING!

Your satisfactions is our priority, that’s why we set up different contact methods in our page. You are also very welcome to message us in our Facebook page and Instagram account. We will solve your problems promptly and cordially!

We plan ahead, and have in mind very special additions to our store! from signature items to digital products. We partnered with USPS to provide really fast shipping times to US residents and with CJPacket to provide exceptional shipping times to anywhere else. Plans to update our shipping lists are well programmed and will let you know when we’re available to ship to your country. We are also working with manufacturers that will provide us with unique and original plushies! We have a long way to go and we are really glad you are here with us. \(^-^)/

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions, ideas, designs, drawings, requests, comments, stories, dreams…. anything, feel free to contact us! Or you can also mail us at ohayo@kawaiisale.com.

Happy shopping and stay kawaii!