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The journey of two siblings

KawaiiSale is an online retail store founded by two siblings (brother and sister) who are really passionate about anything cute (or as we like to say, Kawaii).

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As a result of our mixed ancestry, we grew up in a very dynamic environment, ranging from watching anime to listening to K-pop. Sharing these common interests has really strengthened our bond and is, by far, one of the main things we enjoy doing together. We both love collecting the most adorable things we come across. Suddenly, we realized how challenging it is to find authentic kawaii items in this part of the globe.

So, we started making our own cute designs and noticed people were really into it. Decided to sell some of our stuff from home for a while. With a big shoutout to our friend Jenna, we opened a small store in a local marketplace, and guess what? More sales!

We thought, ‘Why not turn our plushie ideas into reality?’ So, we reached out to manufacturers. It was a bit of a wild ride, but we kept at it… until the pandemic hit us like a truck ( ; ω ; ). We didn’t want to let our customers down, so we switched gears and set up our own online store!

We’d toyed with the idea of an online store for ages but always put it off. The pandemic forced our hand, but it turned out to be the best move. Now, with KawaiiSale, we can reach people anywhere in the world. Took us a while to pull the trigger, but we finally did it!

It wasn’t easy, as young entrepreneurs we faced many challenges but none of them would stop us. Especially when having such cute friends around us all the time (´ω`).

Our mission

Like we said, we’re all about that kawaii life and wanted to spread the joy! We put in the hustle to pick out the absolute cutest stuff that we love. Teaming up with manufacturers in Japan, China, and Korea, we’re making sure you get the most adorable goodies at killer prices. Oh, and did we mention our delivery game is on point, and we’re all about that top-notch quality? Plus, just to sweeten the deal, we’ve got FREE SHIPPING!

Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we’ve set up all kinds of ways to get in touch on our page. Shoot us a message on Facebook or Instagram, or hit up our live chat. Any issues, we’re on it – quick and friendly, no doubt!

We’re big on planning ahead and have some super cool additions coming to our store! Think signature items and even some digital goodies. Teaming up with logistics champs like USPS, we’re making sure our shipping times are on point, giving you lightning-fast delivery no matter where you are in the world.

And guess what? After lots of scheming and putting in the work, we’re now shipping worldwide to most countries! We’re also teaming up with more manufacturers to bring you the quirkiest and most original plushies out there. It’s a journey, and we’re stoked you’re along for the ride! \(^-^)/

Quality Over Quantity

Our journey in nine steps.


May 2017

We open a small handcraft store in our backyard. Fun times. 📦

January 2018

Demand increases. We rent a small stand in our local mall. 🏬

June 2019

We make contracts with overseas manufacturers to help with production. 💡

March 2020

Pandemic hits! ( ╥ω╥ ) We close temporally and plan to open an online store so we can reach more customers!

August 2020

Kawaii Sale is live! We open our store to the world. 🆕

January 2021

We expand our catalog. We also sell apparel and the ultimate kawaii fashion trends. 👚👖

June 2021

We made a complete overhaul of our store. Now faster, stronger and cuter. ✨

May 2023

We now provide shipping WORLDWIDE. It took us some time but we finally did it! ✈️🌎

And so today...

We challenge us everyday and improve our store constantly for our beloved customers! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions, ideas, designs, drawings, requests, comments, stories, dreams…. anything, feel free to contact us! Or you can also mail us at [email protected].

Happy shopping and stay kawaii!

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