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Hello everynyan~

It is us, the KawaiiSale Team with a little update.

Some of us may notice we actually stopped posting regularly on our social media (and that’s bad we know it (つω`。)). We want to make sure we didn’t let this store die or something we actually got too busy with IRL stuff. Our business is important, we haven’t stopped fulfilling orders or anything, it’s just since we are fairly young entrepreneurs (under 20) we also got school, college to take care of.

And yeah, we have responsibilities with you, our customers, that’s why we will be updating many of our products, our page appearances and will be back to posting regularly (although not as often as we did) on our social media. We also have a new product line in mind! Original designs we will be putting on sale when we launch it! We are pretty excited~ (☆ω☆)

We also want to partner with new industries and technologies, like NFT collections, animation shorts, print on demand products, collabs with e-celebs and vtubers, cosplay merchandise, unofficial anime merchandise and much much more!

kawaii sale giving gift

Reminder that you can also contact us through email, we read them all even the spam so don’t hesitate. You can also message us on instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we also check them regularly.

On that end, we want to tease you a bit (.❛ ᴗ ❛.). You may have notice we love our mascots a lot, and we plan to make them alive! As a part of collab with some unknown artist, we will be writing a script for our characters to come alive! WHOO.

We can’t really tell much now since it’s just in early preparations but we have some sketches we can show.

Yeah (・ω・)

Yeah that ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

It probably doesn’t mean much to you since you only care about the plushies, but you’ll see, those two girls are really involved in everything our stores makes hehehe.

I think that’s all for today. We really should write this more often it’s quite fun.

I also like drawing those little balls in every way possible. I may actually add them as a sticker collection for sale or something. Let me know in the comments if you actually like them as much as we do!

blobls sleeping

It’s about time to wake them up…

See you soon~

Hello! ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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